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For more than 15 years California Lasers has developed a myriad of laser processes and part handling solutions. Now California Lasers brings this job-shop proven technology and know-how to industry. With a variety of CO2, YAG, and Fiber Lasers, California Lasers provides a wide range of laser machines for almost every application.

Advantages of California Lasers Machine Building:

      Compact, mobile, lean manufacturing approach

      Job Shop proven processes

      Technology transfers available

Many production processes are only possible with lasers. Thanks to their ability to operate under galvo and multi-axis control, lasers have established themselves in the aerospace, medical, and semiconductor industries. Let California Lasers show you the most efficient and cost effective methods available in the high technology markets today.

Machines available:

      Laser Marking

      Laser Welding

      Lasers Cutting

      Laser Drilling

      Laser micromachining


*Small Footprint
*Virtually No Maintenance
*Uses the Latest Fiber Technology
*Integrated Z-axis
*High Resolution Beam Steering
*Vision System Ready
*Low Power Operation12vdc & 120vac
*High Definition, High Contrast Photo,
Realistic Images
*UID & Bar Code
*Heat, Scribe, & Color Marking
*Extended Warranty Standard
*Parts Automation and Handling Ready
*Includes Machine, Installation, Software
& Training
*Job Shop Proven


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