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California Lasers can laser mark or engrave your parts better than any job shop in the country. Why, California Lasers builds its own laser markers. We can mark the blackest blacks on steels and titanium and the whitest whites on anodized and bare aluminum. Our proprietary processes and high-speed digital scanners make the difference.


The focused laser beam provides a high-energy heat source, allowing for a narrow precise marking spot. The laser beam process can provide a non-disruptive surface mark or a penetrating deep engraving. Laser marking is a solution for most product identification problems. All metals and many non-metals are candidates for laser marking.

Advantages of laser marking:

      Non-contact heat source

      High-speed marking

      Readable and permanent identification

      Excellent repeatability

Laser marking produces permanent, legible, and attractive marks to make your product stand out. Logos, machine-readable barcodes, serialization, and alphanumeric are easily and economically marked using our high-speed computer controlled scanning systems.

  laser marking  


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