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laser cutting


At California Lasers we specialize in cutting the difficult. High tolerance parts or hard to cut materials are welcome. We can save you money with are excellent nesting software to get the most from your material. Whether simple or sophisticated, our computer controlled laser cutting will produce precise and attractive results


The focused laser beam provides a pinpoint spot to melt or vaporize the material. A coaxial gas jet blows away the melted/vaporized material leaving a high quality surface finish. The process is mainly used for high volume applications under computer control.

Advantages of Laser Cutting:

      No physical contact

      Small heat-affected zone

      High tolerance capabilities

      No cutting force

Our laser cutting capabilities offer you many design options in material use, precision and level of intricacy. From soft materials such as wood, plastics, and aluminum to thin gauge stainless steal sheet, our 3D 5-axis capabilities are computer controlled for cutting accuracy and repeatability.

  laser cutting  


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